1. IP creation big growth strategy for Infosys

    IP creation big growth strategy for InfosysCIOL, India - 32 minutes agoBANGALORE, INDIA: So what if the Indian government does not believe in awarding patents for software? It does not deter companies like Infosys, ...
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    1. Intellectual Property creation and commercialization is a big non-linear growth strategy, so anything that is people intensive is a linear mode and at our size now, non-linear growth strategy is a big focus.
    2. Once you have a focus on IP, it is important to make sure that you protect it, you make sure that others don't infringe on that, similarly you don't infringe on other's intellectual property, so you need to have a very clear intellectual property protection strategy.
    3. We will continue to be a IT solutions organization or business IT solutions organization, but in some cases if we need to productize some of our more mature IP we are pretty open to that and probably products also.
    4. We will continue to be a services and solutions company, but if for a particular piece of intellectual property if we feel that a product model is more suited then we are open to that.  So we will see some products also from Infosys, like for instance we have Finacle today, so in future we may have more such products, but as I said we will continue to be mainly an IT solutions organization and if a product model is more suitable for one of the things we are open to that.
    5. When they (the solutions) reach a particular stage, we may actually try to kind of take them out and make them into full-fledged products.  Some of these things are being done within specific business units today.
    6. We are consciously looking at India as a market, we are working with one of the India business units.  To start with we are actually trying to leverage our existing intellectual property in the Indian context. We actually see good opportunities for most of our IP in the Indian context and there are also some areas where we are actually trying to build new stuff and modify the existing thing for the Indian companies, especially in the wireless mobility security areas.
    7. We actually focus our research around these four themes (automation, collaboration, assembling and simulation ) a lot to really change the way we are doing software designing today.  So, we are actually trying to research and innovating around these four things to really define that next generation software engineering models.
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