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    Dark and lustrous, Twitterific for iPhone is one of the best-looking apps from the iTunes App Store I've seen all day . The application, originally built for Mac by software publisher Iconfactory , is a premium Twitter updater a free trial that sells ...
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    1. We don't have an SLA yet for Google Calendar or Google Docs, but it's something we're moving quickly toward.
    2. We've found working with our customers they want transparency. They want to know exactly what's going on all the time.
    3. A service dashboard is something our developers asked us for, and we made the service available to them as soon as possible.
    4. You can't get away from owning your own risk. This is slowing the adoption of the cloud.
    5. With the docs outage, we posted immediately in the administrative console that there was an issue. We posted to the help center and the phone line system that we were working quickly to resolve it.
    6. We're trying to find even more ways to be more transparent about reliability.
    7. We talk to customers, and 99.9 percent is mostly much higher than most organizations with their internal service today.
    8. If you are anything like me, you probably sign in to Gmail from multiple computers.
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