1. 'The next Google may be from India'

    Sify - For example, CE Infosystems, the mapping company which got Rs 10 crore in funding from Nexus India Capital, provides maps through the internet and mobile, and also sells navigation devices for cars. Like many others, Gupta is also gung-ho about ...
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    1. My association with Bill Draper had me playing an advisory role to Draper International.
    2. This is my most active involvement with Indian companies.
    3. About 3-4 years ago, I saw a dramatic change taking place in the kind of entrepreneurs coming up in India. They started coming out with break-out ideas that went far beyond call centres and outsourced services. I believe that the success of companies such as Infosys changed mindsets, and made entrepreneurs aware of what could potentially be done out of India.
    4. With so many VCs operating, only the smart ones will make money. The returns spectrum will be fairly large, and who knows, the average returns of all VCs in India could turn out to be negative.
    5. Those who are knowledgeable about India are very gung-ho. But then again, there are others who think that the skills required to operate in India are entirely different, and they would rather operate, let's say, in China.
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