1. Should Local Government Be Run More Like Silicon Valley? - Government Technology

    Should Local Government Be Run More Like Silicon Valley? - Government Technology
    Government TechnologyShould Local Government Be Run More Like Silicon Valley?Government TechnologyShaunak Kashyap, who turns 32 next month, grew up in Mumbai, India, before emigrating to the U.S. His first job as a programmer was writing code to control satellites. He then made his way to Yahoo and Netflix. With their impressive credentials ...
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    1. The notion, is that we should make government work like the Internet itself.
    2. One of the things I love about Silicon Valley is the experimentation and willingness to play around.
    3. Once you create the demand for a different way of doing things, you need to be able to fulfill it.
    4. He lives and breathes continuous improvement.
    5. There were a lot of cities and agencies collecting data, but when I asked them.
    6. Number one, we have a real problem we can improve on
    7. It's hard in any business, or government for that matter, to pull out dedicated resources just to focus on innovation, so this is an intentional way to do that.
    8. When you're doing culture change in an organization, there have to be signals from the outside that your organization is in fact changing and being valued on the national or international level.
    9. The last person you want to ask is the person who works in the government.
    10. We have heard that sometimes it is hard for people to re-docket.
    11. There are so many opportunities for either applications or process changes or interfaces that can make a real difference in how effective and inefficient the system is.
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