1. Chandigarh has 4G Now [Trak.in Toons]

    Chandigarh has 4G Now [Trak.in Toons]
    Yeah, its time for some fun in the morning – Yesterday, Bharti Airtel announced launch of 4G services in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. While, it is great for (very few) people who spend their days and nights on the internet, it hardly matters for most of them. Infact, I’d be surprised even is 75 percent [...] The post Chandigarh has 4G Now [Trak.in Toons] appeared first on India Business & Technology Buzz. Related Articles: How Shopping will be done this Festive Season [Trak.in Toons] If Asaram Bapu had written Ramayana… [Trak.in Toons] How Micromax is hunting down the Competition ...
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