1. Manthan raises $15 mn from Norwest Venture

    Manthan raises $15 mn from Norwest Venture
    Mumbai: Eight-year-old Bangalore-based analytics firm Manthan Systems Pvt. Ltd has raised $15 million from investment firm Norwest Venture Partners (NVP) in the third round of funding, underscoring the expansion of the business intelligence and analytics business worldwide and out of India. Manthan, with products like retail analytics solution ARC, targets the retail and consumer packaged-goods segments, providing clients with information about customers and suppliers to help them improve promot
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    1. Our differentiator is in our positioning. We are focused on the retail and CPG sector, offering solutions for merchandising, supplier performance, customer behaviour and the like, enabling strategic decisions around inventories, promotions, optimal pricing, store opening and closing decisions, and the like.
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