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    It enables advertisers to deliver ads to mobile handsets.Content Providers Some players in the content segment are * Mauj, * Indiagames * Hungama * Nazara * Sound buzz (music) * Coruscate Tec.The content market …is ...
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    1. On an average, SMS updates will contain 160 characters, of which 70 characters belong to an ad.
    2. Wait six or eight months, and you'll see that ev- eryone is going to die.
    3. We'll match this data being sold to see how accurate it is and where it's coming from, The guy we're buying the data from is confident that he'll be able to provide mobile numbers and policy details.
    4. If a customer gives me a database of numbers and assures me that they're all opt-in customers of his, I can hardly check each one, lifts the filter
    5. I don't think that even five million people would register in a Do Call list, but imagine if they do.
    6. That's why this industry has become so messy.
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