1. Outlook Looks Less Bleak From Alpine Retreat

    It might have been the Alpine air, but some of the chief executives and business people in Davos came to the end of the week feeling slightly better than when they had arrived. There was still unease about the state of the eurozone and the global economy’s weakness, but their worst fears had not been reinforced. read more
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    1. When I went into sessions on Europe I came out feeling depressed.
    2. People know we need to create growth, so all of a sudden there seems to be a groundswell behind this.
    3. The flip side of people enjoying cheaper goods at home is loss of jobs at home. The flipside of technology and productivity is tremendous job churn and insecurity.
    4. We can't treat as separated from everything else – it is now core to what we do.
    5. Generally, companies are poor instruments of social policy and should stay away from that.
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