1. Affle Launches Smartphone Messenger Pinch – A Novel Idea?

    Affle Launches Smartphone Messenger Pinch – A Novel Idea?
    Affle announced the launch of their Smartphone messenger Pinch which will be available to users at a price of $0.99, or Rs. 45, for the next two months. Pinch is a Smartphone to Smartphone instant messenger application and chat service with location based features, emoticons, pictures, rich animations and more importantly, push notifications. Features: Pinch [...] Workshop On Social Media For Business Register Here Looking for a Social Media Agency? Try WATConsult - India's Leading Social Media Agency
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    1. Affle has successfully upgraded over 3 million SMS users to SMS2.0 in many Asian markets and we now aim to upgrade users from SMS to Pinch on Smartphones globally. Our dedicated R&D teams on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows focus on delivering the best messaging experiences with lots of utilities, entertainment as well as location services and rewards. Our beta users enjoyed the new experience and helped us to improve Pinch significantly for this global launch.
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