1. BrainNook: NCERT Based Virtual World for Children

    BrainNook is the world's first syllabus-based, educational virtual world for children. It contains dozens of innovative educational games based exactly on the NCERT syllabus for Maths and English Grammar. The games are embedded within colourful virtual worlds with an engaging storyline. Parents are kept involved in their children's performance through comparative performance reports, which are accessible from within the application itself.

    BrainNook is a product of Nunook Interactive Pvt Ltd, a startup game company based in Mumbai and Chennai. The product is available at Landmark stores across India as well as through a number of distributors.

    BrainNook was released in January 2010, in two formats: a home version to be used on Internet-connected PCs from home, and a school version that can be used in schools and after-school activity centres. Below, I am enclosing some additional information about the home version of BrainNook.

    There is much more information about BrainNook, including a playable demo, on our website at http://www.brainnook.com. You can also view a video about BrainNook at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CHfQWowdfE.

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