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    1. Forcing Steve Jobs out was a mistake: Former Apple CEO John Sculley

      It’s safe to say that former Apple CEO John Sculley has some regrets in his career. In an interview with The Times of India, Sculley admits that ousting Apple cofounder Steve Jobs as CEO way back in 1985 was “a mistake” that cost the company dearly and set it on the path toward near-oblivion. However, Sculley says that the decision was much more justifiable at the time it was made because Jobs’ always-difficult personality was even tougher to rein in during his younger years.

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    2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 listed on the company’s e-Store at Rs 36,340

      With the widespread smartphone range, Samsung has proven that it has something for everyone. It seems that the company wants to play the same card when it comes to tablets too. So, while there the Tab 3 Neo lineup sitting at the lower end of the range, and Note Pro catering to the high end market, a new tablet has emerged to fill the gap, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1.

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    3. Top 10 Billionaires Who Used Technology To Make Their Fortune

      As per Forbes, there are 1645 billionaires in the world as of now, who have collectively amassed fortune worth $6.4 trillion. Compared to last year, 268 new billionaires joined the list, including 42 new woman billionaires.

      From this list, we present before you 10 billionaires who used technology to make their fortune and changed the world forever.

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    4. Lead Nurturing Strategies for Start-ups

      This is the most critical and heart-breaking part of acquiring customers. It can sap even the most persistent. But there is no alternative if you want to convert your qualified lead to an invoice. In the first place, consider yourself lucky you have a set of qualified leads. Most start-ups do not enjoy that luxury. Now it’s only about how you grab this opportunity with both hands and push and prod them to a decision.

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    5. Introduction to iPhone Development

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    6. Save Your Pc & Tablet from Most Deadly Virus Heartbleed

      Heartbleed Detector, a Chrome browser plug-in, and an Android mobile app, are accessible in the Chrome Web Store and Google Play app store.

      Security specialist Trend Micro announced the release of two free Heartbleed scanners for computers and mobile devices designed to verify whether they are communicating with servers that have been compromised by the Heartbleed bug.

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    7. Telco digest: Nokia; CAG audits; Reliance Jio; Mtn; BSNL-ISRO; Trai

      Prakash Katama, Director of Nokia India’s Chennai plant has quit and the position is being taken up by V Sembian, head of product and process engineering, reports Business Standard.

      Sources also told the publication that about 200 of the 700 trainees at the factory had accepted the voluntary retirement package offered by Nokia. The package to trainees includes the gross salary for three months and compensation of Rs 2 lakh.

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    8. Funding digest: BetaGlide, iKure Technosoft

      BetaGlide, a cloud-based app testing platform from India has won $1 million at the Rice University Business Plan Competition (RBPC). The prize money was sponsored by Houston-based VC firm Mercury Fund.

      In a statement the company said that it will use the funds for research and expansion. They will be awarded in the form of an equity structure, and the BetaGlide team will move to its new headquarters at Bay area in June, according to NextBigWhat.

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    9. E-Commerce Roundup: New Amazon India Stores, Myntra Designer Tie-ups & Flipkart WP App


      New Amazon.in Stores

      Hindi Books: Amazon’s India marketplace Amazon.in has launched a Hindi physical book store which claims to offer over 23,000 Hindi titles across various genres like literature and fiction from authors like Premchand, Gulzar, Javed Akhtar, Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Kamaleshwar and Yashpal among others.

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    10. Microsoft Xbox One garners 5 million sales

      Microsoft has announced that over 5 million units of its latest gaming console, the Xbox One, have been sold, reports Reuters.

      Sony yesterday announced it had sold 7 million units of the PS4, which in comparison to Microsoft Xbox One’s count is 2 million more. Sony also said it was unable to manufacture to meet demand. The Xbox One was launched a week before the PS4 in major markets, and will be available in India from September 2014. The PS4, on the other hand, is already available in India.

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    1. I think there could have been a way, in hindsight, where Steve and I did not need to have a confrontation, and we could have worked it out.
      By John Sculley
    2. Trend Micro has responded to the Heartbleed threat by offering tools to all Internet users as a solution to protect their personal data.
      By Raimund Genes
    3. Heartbleed is a problem that may never entirely go away, but we are committed to providing and updating our solutions to best protect the data of our customers, and provide essential security on each device they use.
      By Raimund Genes
    4. As consumer internet in India undergoes a paradigm shift, we continue to be focused on leading this change from the front. Durga is well-equipped to lead this effort for us due to her strong understanding of the digital user, products and the opportunity.
      By Ajay Chacko
    5. Right now we are not focusing on monetization. Once we reach critical mass we may adopt a freemium model or a marketplace model. We could offer a jobs solution or turn into a publication platform. All this depends on the sort of user base we get.
      By Sumit Maniyar