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    1. 3 Reasons Why Microsoft Was Right In Killing Android Devices

      Last week, the technological world was stirred and shaken with the news of Microsoft laying off 18,000 employees in one single stroke. Although 12,500 of those fired employees were from Nokia, the industry has never observed such large scale pink slip distribution ever.

      Even during the recession, Microsoft had terminated only 5800 employees.

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    2. Xiaomi Mi 4 announced, featuring a 5-inch 1080p display and Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor

      After a host of leaks revealed almost all there is to know about the latest flagship device, Xiaomi today took the wraps off the Mi 4 at an event in Shanghai. This new smartphone will succeed the Mi 3, which has gone on sale in India today.

      As expected, the Xiaomi Mi 4 boasts top-of-the-line hardware. It flaunts a 5-inch full HD 1080p display and is powered by a 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor paired with 3GB of RAM. Also included is 16GB of internal storage.

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    3. Xiaomi Mi 3 sold out on Flipkart in India!

      Less than an hour after it went on sale, Flipkart has sold out of the first lot of Xiaomi’s Mi 3 smartphones. This despite Flipkart being down mostly since the smartphone went on sale at noon today.

      Neither Flipkart nor Xiaomi have commented on the number of devices that were available on sale. However, Xiaomi had earlier mentioned that over 100,000 people had pre-registered to buy the Mi 3.

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    4. Google Maps now available in Hindi

      Google today launched Maps in Hindi for users in India. Google Maps in Hindi will be available for desktop as well as Android smartphone users. On desktop, users will have to select Hindi as their preferred language from their Google account settings to access Maps in Hindi. On Android, the feature will be available when users select Hindi as the default language from Settings -> Language and Input.

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    5. No change in licence fee: TRAI

      Telecom regulator TRAI yesterday asked the Department of Telecom not to make any changes in entry fee and bank guarantee of companies involved in managing MNP service.

      “The Authority is of the opinion that there seems no justification for any enhancement of Entry Fee for Mobile Number Portability licensees for implementing Full Mobile Number Portability.

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    6. Funding Roundup: Akara, SeekSherpa, Talview, Room n House

      Akara Research and Technologies, a research and analytics firm from Chennai, has raised an undisclosed amount of angel investment from RiverBridge Investment Advisors Pvt Ltd, a boutique investment bank operating in Chennai and Bangalore, reports Techcircle.

      Akara provides data solutions to banks, governments and corporates. It claims to collate relevant information from various disparate sources and consolidates it for better decision making. Some of its products include:

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    7. Flipkart crashes as Xiaomi Mi 3 goes on sale in India

      Flipkart’s website has gone down within 10 minutes of Xiaomi Mi 3 going on sale. Last night, Flipkart had announced that it had received 100,000 pre-registrations for the Mi 3 ahead of the sale. It seems the website hasn’t been able to handle the sudden rush of people trying to book their unit.

      The website seems to work normally until the moment you try to hit the payment button on the Mi 3 page. On hitting the payment button, the website crashes and throws up the above error image.

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    8. Facebook Brings ‘Save’ Feature – The Ultimate Bookmarker?

      Facebook is the largest community on Earth – if Facebook was a country, it would be now nearly equivalent or may have even surpassed China (In 4Q2013, they had 1.23B active users). So, obviously when Facebook introduces any new feature, it has potential to be used by over a billion people, and that is significant.

      Facebook has now introduced a new feature called “Save on Facebook”, which could be a strong competitor to a popular “save and read it later” mobile app Pocket.

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    9. Assocham asks Defence Ministry to free spectrum for telecom sector

      Industry chamber Assocham yesterday said it has asked the Defence Ministry to release about 650 Mhz of spectrum for telecom services to help meet the country’s objective of expanding broadband services.

      “ASSOCHAM has suggested the Defence Ministry to release spectrum for commercial use minimum quantity of 112 MHz out of 500 MHz (900 MHz band type), 135 Mhz from 1650 MHz (1800 MHz band type) and 415 Mhz from 1320 MHz (2100 MHz band type) with a view to achieve India’s mobile broadband objectives,” Assocham said in a statement. It said that in a representation, the industry chamber ...

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    10. Xiaomi rakes up 100,000 pre-registrations for the Mi 3 in India

      In order to buy the Xiaomi Mi 3 today, you have to first register on Flipkart. With just over an hour till the flagship device goes on sale, the e-commerce site has revealed that it has already scored over 100,000 pre-registrations.

      This staggering number shows the kind of buzz Xiaomi has created with its aggressive pricing. 100,000 registrations however don’t mean that every one of them will get their hands on the flagship device.

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    1. The use of cloud services is often not approved because there is a feeling that cloud service security is insufficient universally.
      By Rajiv Gupta
    2. We found that our employees were using multiple file-sharing services and that many of these services posed a risk to the organization.
      By Brian Lillie
    3. I will like to assure that it is our utmost concern too.
      By Shripad Yesso Naik
    4. Depending on the local carrier, we would launch six devices in India, both 3G and 4G from entry level to high end category.
      By Adam Zeng
    5. We are very optimistic about potential of 4G in India and plan to launch a range of affordable phones to drive the ecosystem.
      By Adam Zeng