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    1. NTT Docomo to reportedly exit Indian market, pull out of JV with Tata Teleservices

      Japanese carrier, NTT Docomo, is reportedly planning to soon pull out its 26.5 percent share in the loss making Indian telecom venture Tata Docomo, for which it had partnered with Tata in India. The Reuters’ report suggests that NTT Docomo will exit the Indian market, which contradicts reports about Japan’s NTT Docomo’s decision on continuing its operation in India.

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    2. NTT Docomo selling its 26% stake in Tata Teleservices to exit India: Report

      NTT Docomo is offloading its 26% stake in Tata Teleservices, the company’s joint telecom venture with Tata Group, reports Nikkei Asia Review. It says that the company is in talks to sell its stake to Tata Group and exit India. We are currently awaiting a response from NTT Docomo & Tata Teleservices and will update the article once we hear back.

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    3. India’s Internet speed lowest in Asia-Pacific region

      Soon after the telecom regulator started the process to mandate a minimum speed for broadband connections, a study by US firm Akamai shows India has the lowest average Internet speed in the Asia-Pacific region.

      “South Korea was once again the only country with an average connection speed of over 20 Mbps (megabits per second)…Among the remaining surveyed countries, the lowest average connection speed was seen in India, at 1.5 Mbps,” Akamai’s State of the Internet Report said.

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    4. TRAI Proposes Minimum Mobile Internet Speed Benchmarks; 56kbps For 2G, 1mbps For 3G

      Recently TCS, an Indian IT company, was included in the list of global top 10 IT services firms. This was a huge moment of all Indians, as never before any Indian company has made to this exclusive list. This signifies the aura of IT specialty which India has earned over the years.

      But despite such greatness in providing cutting edge IT solutions to world superpowers, our domestic Internet connection speed is dismal to say the least.

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    5. Why Is Apple Not Able To Sell iPads & What Will They Do Now?

      Apple just announced its financial results for fiscal 2014 second quarter ended March 29, 2014, and it has broken all previous records for revenue during the January-March quarter with revenues of $45.6 billion and profit of $10.2 billion which makes $11.62 per diluted share.

      Apple was able to sell more iPhones than ever, as 43.7 million units were sold compared to Wall Street estimates of 37.4 million.

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    6. Gaana.com introduces skippable videos ads like YouTube

      Following on the footsteps of YouTube’s TrueView ads, Gaana.com now has skippable and non-skippable video ads to users on its platform. Unlike YouTube where the skip ad button pops up after 5 seconds, the skip button on Gaana pops up after 15 seconds, which is half the length of a standard TV commercial. The ads seem to play after every couple of songs on the website.

      Why Video Ads?

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    7. BuzzCity serves 20.9 bn mobile ads in India in Q4-FY14; smartphone penetration at 43%

      India continues to be top advertising country for BuzzCity with 20.9 billion ad views in Q4-FY14, up from 18.4 billion ad views in the previous quarter.Interestingly, the Indonesian market grew at an astounding 54% displaying 16.3 billion ads and has been termed a mobile hotspot by the company, in its report (pdf) for the quarter.

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    8. Uber launches in Mumbai as company seeks alternative payment modes

      After launching in a limited testing phase, Uber today officially launched its full service in Mumbai. The coverage area will extend from Colaba and go up to Versova, covering Worli and Bandra in between. Mumbai is Uber’s fifth city in India where it has launched its services. The tariff starts from a minimum fare of Rs 200 with a base fare of Rs 100 (starting meter) and Rs 17 per kilometre in addition to Rs 2 per minute.

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    9. Is it Really Possible to crush Samsung and Apple in Mobile Sector ?

      Samsung is the world’s – and Asia’s – top smartphone maker. But there are a lot of rival phone-makers out there aiming to dethrone the likes of Samsung and Apple. That competition is especially strong across Asia, where a number of relatively new phone-makers are playing to their strengths in home markets, aiming to get consumers hooked on their own keenly-priced but strongly-specced devices.

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    10. Another Indian e-Commerce Wrapped Up its Business

      After herstyle.in, PocketFullOfDresses.com, ChummaBazzar.com, Yes2Fashion.com, Klouzly.com, ebagsfull.com now AllSchoolStuff.com wrapped up its business. Let us remind you AllSchoolStuff.com was started in August 2011 by the duo of the industry veterans.

      Similarly, skoolshop.com was also closed few months back, however, they are still showing on their website that “We are off for our summer holidays”.

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    11. Samsung denies slashing Galaxy S5 price in India, price shoots up on Flipkart

      In a bid to set the record straight, Samsung today said it had not slashed the price of the Galaxy S5 in India. Samsung had launched the Galaxy S5 in India on April 11 for Rs 51,500 but it was widely available on online retail stores for lesser. The price for the white variant of the Galaxy S5 went below Rs 47,000 on Flipkart on the same day HTC announced the One (M8) in India for Rs 49,900, leading to reports suggesting it to be Samsung’s reaction to HTC’s pricing.

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    1. The Cricket League has an incredible reach and its popularity cuts across demographics and geographies.Delhi Daredevils is one of the most youthful and exciting teams in the League with a good blend of international and Indian stars.
      By Faisal Siddiqui
    2. We are very excited about Mumbai. During our testing phase we found the usage to be a multiple when compared to all other cities in India and is one of the highest in South East Asia. It exceeded our expectations in terms of what we predicted and expected.
      By Neeraj Singhal
    3. India is important for Truecaller at present. Out of 55 million subscribers, about 30 million are in India. These stats talk about importance of our partnership with Tata Docomo.
      By Kari Krishnamurthy
    4. We only need access to contact list of users. However, an user can also unlist its number from our website if he or she doesn't want his or her mobile number to be searched by anonymous person.
      By Kari Krishnamurthy
    5. Besides this users will get 30 contact requests at the start of every month. With these requests users can contact other Truecaller users by looking for their name in the directory, which is they can search phone number by typing name.
      By Kari Krishnamurthy